What Is This Project About?

I am an environmental educator living in the American West. I am passionate about baking, hiking, backpacking, teaching, grizzly bears, and books. This project is part of an attempt on my part to become more conscious about who and what voices I am listening to. Because the most commonly told voice I hear in the world around be is that of white men, I am taking some time to consciously seek alternative voices.

Defining white men: For the purposes of this project, I define white men as men who are of European descent who do not publicly identify as members of any other commonly marginalized group. While I recognize that many white men are often discriminated against due to religion or sexual orientation, these differences are usually not obvious in their name, picture or short biography. There is a long history of famous male authors who are suspected of hiding these differences, such as the many rumors that Shakespeare was either gay, or a member of one of numerous persecuted religions. Therefore, while it does not need to be evident in the book itself, unless a white male author publicly identifies with a group like this, they are still off limits.

The Rules:

1.) Unless explained below, no books by white men (see definition above.)

2.) Collections of stories or poems can include work written by white men as long as at least 50% of the work is written by members of another group

3.) Each month, I can read ONE “token white male” author. However, the work I read must have at least one POV narrator who is not a white male and pass the Bechdel test (or essentially must include interactions between non-white males that are about everyday life rather then their relationships with the dominant culture)

4.) Read at least one book a week.