Bookish Fun: Subscription Services

Hello Everyone,

My normal weekly update will be coming on Monday, but in the meantime, I want to share with you two book subscription services I am currently using. I always find there are so many books to choose from out there, and I have come to appreciate ways of buying books that limit the selection, or tailor the offerings to me.

Book of the Month


My July Pick: Windfall by Diksha Basu

I don’t remember where I first heard about this, but I absolutely love it. I have tried subscription box services before, and they never stuck because I always became too aware of the things I would never have purchased in the first place. This box is different!

Book of the Month picks 5 books each month, and allows its members to choose one of them for $15 a month or less (there are a few plans). The books vary widely, and usually include at least one mystery or thriller.

There are often also YA novels, non-fiction, and books by debut authors. There has not been a single month when there was not a book I could read by a woman or person of color, and often there are books written by women of color, who have a startlingly small corner of the book publishing world. The books are current, and usually come highly recommended by other sources.

I also love that you can pass on any month free of charge – this is a great option when you have too much to read, or the book picks that month don’t fit your reading tastes. This happens more than I would like, but I have so many other books to read I don’t mind too much.

I will also mention that there have been a few hiccups with some of my orders, which was frustrating. However, the customer service at Book of the Month is wonderful, and I have always been fairly compensated for everything that has gone wrong.

This is a great service for someone who reads quite a lot, and enjoys discovering new authors and books. It is also flexible enough to accommodate people who can’t always get through a book every month.

Note: My personal referral link is, and using it will give me one free book credit. Thanks for the support!

Just The Right Book


My Most Recent Book: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

This is a more recent find for me, so I don’t have as much personal experience with it, but the service Just The Right Book provides is unique, and worth mentioning, in part because it is highly personalized and might be better for people who are specific about their reading, or don’t read all that much.

Just The Right Book is basically a book recommendation service, but with a nice twist. Affiliated with RJJulia Booksellers, this service has readers answer questions about their favorite authors and preferences, and then a bookseller will handpick a book they think you will love. They also take into consideration the types of books you want to read, including the restrictions I have given myself this year. The subscription levels vary by age level (with YA and children’s options) as well as by the amount of books you want (from 4 to 12).

The one other aspect that I love about it is that the books are a surprise until they are shipped, and you don’t know what book you are going to get. This is one of those awesome things that can be both a little scary and fun depending on how you feel. The website does say that you can exchange a book if you don’t like it, but it seems like it might take a couple of extra steps.


There are a number of other bookstores that have book of the month programs, but these two are the ones that are the most personalized and the most flexible to various reading styles and preferences. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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