Update and THE RULES

I have spent the past few days mulling over this project. I have been surprised by the way it has colored experiences. I expected to be considering it when I visited bookstores, like the wonderful independent bookstore here in Bellingham called Village Books, but I have found myself considering so much more – I am more conscious of what I listen to in terms of music and podcasts (I will be talking about this more in-depth sometime soon!) and even of who stars in and produces the TV and movies that I am watching.

So with that in mind, I have been clarifying what this project is about and how I will go about it, and I am going to create a set of rules for myself to define what I am actually doing. The new rules page will be here.

I will be posting a longer update this weekend, but as a midweek update, I wanted to say that I have decided that James S.A. Corey is going to be my token white man for the month, and it is a choice I am comfortable with.

To start with, in the series I am reading, called The Expanse, Corey develops a world that explicitly looks at race and prejudice and Earth and Luna (the moon) are run by a grandmother on Indian descent who wears a sari, drinks heavily and swears like a sailor.

United Nations Undersecretary General and Badass Grandmother Chrisjen Avasarala

In addition, while James S.A. Corey is a pen name for two white men, the S. A. in the middle is taken from the names of their daughters.

This series is truly a masterpiece (and a wonderful if mildly whitewashed TV show currently airing its second season) and I may try to get through one more book this month before my time with Corey runs out.

Have a great rest of the week!


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